Brother Thelonious is a blog by and for beer loving theologians with the will to meander between the meaningful and the absurd. 

We're rather glad you could make it. 

The name (despite what you might think) isn't inspired by some obscure old-school theologian retired to the pages of history. As much as we sometimes like to pretend that it is. Rather, the name Brother Thelonious is from a beer we stumbled upon which itself was named after the great Jazz player Thelonious Monk. We simply liked the sound of it. How about that for aesthetics? 

So, if you are looking to indulge in some theological, philosophical, or entirely otherly topics- then please head over to our blog section. 

If simply staring at a screen isn't enough for you, consider our LightShed events running in Edinburgh. The LightShed is a cafe event running every month or so that makes use of music, photography, painting, spoken word, and small talks to enable and promote discussion around different theological, ethical, and social issues. For more details or to catch up on past events head over to our LightShed section. 

However, if you fancy a beer and our Monk's Pub Theology event is up your street, then (you guessed it) head over to our Pub Theology section. 

See you on the other side,


Harry Chinkumbi & Ryan Graham